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It can be overwhelming and scary when the IRS, state or local authorities are targeting you.  You could be facing very serious civil or criminal penalties depending on the investigation and claims.  That is why it is important to have an aggressive, experienced Colorado Tax Lawyer on your side.  The Politte Law Offices is a boutique tax and business law firm located in Denver, Colorado that has helped countless people fight the IRS throughout the country. We focus on helping people through IRS and State audits, negotiate and settle tax obligations, litigate tax law issues, create estate planning documents, and much more. If you are in need of an experienced, aggressive Colorado Tax Attorney, contact the Politte Law Offices today.

About Politte Law Offices

Choosing a Colorado Tax Lawyer is a very important step in fighting back against the IRS, state or local authorities and should be taken seriously. Your financial freedom is important to you and we take it very seriously. The tax litigators at Politte Law Offices provide individualized and personal attention to each case.  You will never be handed off to a paralegal or shuffled into a pile. Our aggressive tax law attorneys have experience handling complex civil and criminal tax cases for clients throughout the country.

When you work with a Denver Tax Attorney from the Politte Law Offices, you’re not just getting legal tax help, you’re getting advice on how to properly plan and secure your financial future. We represent clients in Denver, Colorado and throughout the country.

Tax Cases We Handle

We handle a variety of tax law cases, including the following:

  • IRS and Local Audits and Examinations
  • IRS Appeals
  • Tax Negotiations and Settlements
  • Tax Collection, including liens, levies, offers in compromise, installments, and innocent spouse relief
  • Tax Litigation
  • Penalties and Penalty Abatements
  • Employment Taxes and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
  • Criminal Tax Representation
  • Business Law
  • Estate and Trust Planning
  • And more

If you are facing any type of tax law issue and need immediate assistance, contact us today.  We hold consultations for tax law issues and can schedule yours to occur over the phone or in person.

Politte Law Record of Success

We proudly serve our clients and fight against the IRS, state and local authorities to eliminate or lower alleged tax obligations.  Here are some of our successes, more of which can be read about here:

  • Full release of tax levies
  • Stopped all collection efforts
  • Negotiated affordable payment plans
  • Negotiated settlements saving clients up to hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • And much more

Why Hire a Tax Lawyer

Fighting the IRS is a big task to do alone. You’re fighting an organization that has unlimited resources and time to investigate and litigate.  In addition, tax law can be very complex and its application unique to your circumstances.  You do not want to accidentally engage in fraudulent behavior by incorrectly filing a return or other document. A tax law attorney can take the stress and burden of managing your case off of you and aggressively fight the IRS.  Hiring an experienced tax litigator gives you the best chance at successfully fighting the charges or lowering your tax obligations.  Contact us today!

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