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Practice Areas

The Colorado Attorneys at the Politte Law Offices provide legal services for tax, business, and estate planning. Our experienced attorneys have experience fighting both the IRS and local authorities to help clients lower or resolve their tax burdens. In addition, we help families plan for their future with detailed estate planning documents, such as trusts.

You can see our practice areas list to the left on every page. Here is some more detail about our practice areas:

Our Legal Philosophy

The Colorado Tax Attorneys at Politte Law believe in high levels of individualized service, advice, and attention make the difference in legal representation. When you hire a tax lawyer from Politte Law, you are not just hiring a skilled attorney, you are hiring someone who will be with you every step of the way during your legal tax issues. We truly care about what we do and will make sure that our representation is unique to your needs and concerns.

Proven Results With Politte Law Offices

We have successfully fought off the IRS and state authorities for our clients. We are proud of the results we have achieved for our clients. You can read about more of our success stories here, but some include:

  • Fought IRS to successful release tax levies and stop collection efforts
  • Negotiated affordable payment plans with the IRS and Colorado Department of Revenue for unpaid income taxes for clients who did not file tax returns for up to 10 years .
  • Negotiated a settlement saving a client $322,000 allowing client to pay only $3,000 to IRS
    A client received a letter from the IRS after an audit increasing his tax liability by $515,000 for the two years audited.  After filing a petition with the U.S. Tax Court, we were able to negotiate a settlement of the case for less than $75,000.

How to Hire our Colorado Tax Attorneys

The tax lawyers at Politte Law Offices are currently accepting new clients with both state and federal tax concerns, legal business needs, and estate planning needs. You can call us at 303-261-8044 or fill out a form on our website.  One of our experienced, aggressive tax attorneys will get back to you to discuss your legal needs and set up a consultation.

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