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Officer and Executive Compensation

Many business attribute their success, or lack thereof, to the individuals who hold key management positions.  Accordingly, many businesses seek to attract, motivate, and retain key management by providing attractive officer and executive compensation.  In addition to wages, attractive officer and executive compensation structures may include equity incentives, stock, stock options, fringe benefits, retirement plans such as an IRA or 401k, forms of deferred compensation, and other types of compensation.

The tax attorneys at the Politte Law Offices are knowledgeable regarding officer and executive compensation laws, the most tax-effective compensation structures, and the pitfalls many businesses encounter in this realm.  Whether you are looking to structure officer and executive compensation packages, are concerned or have questions about your current officer and executive compensation structure, or the IRS or other taxing authority is scrutinizing your officer and executive compensation, the attorneys at the Politte Law Offices can help.

Our employment tax attorneys can advise you in structuring and implementing officer and executive compensation in your business.  If you are a business, an officer, or an executive that is facing scrutiny from the IRS or other taxing authority on account of executive officer and executive compensation, our tax attorneys can help you safely navigate through your IRS audit and resolve any tax issues or tax conflicts.

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